Research Groups Overview

Research Groups (in alphabetical order) and Core Facilities

Dathe, Margitta: Peptide Lipid Interaction / Peptide Transport

Fiedler, Dorothea: Department Chemische Biologie I

Hackenberger, Christian: Department Chemical Biology II

Haucke, Volker: Department Molecular Pharmacology and Cell Biology

Jentsch, Thomas J.: Department Physiology and Pathology of Ion Transport

Kirstein, Janine: Junior Research Group: Proteostasis in Aging and Disease

Krause, Eberhard: Mass Spectrometry

Krause, Gerd: Structural Bioinformatics and Protein Design

Kühne, Ronald: Computational Chemistry / Drug Design

Lange, Adam: Department Molecular Biophysics

Liu, Fan: Mass Spectrometry

Maritzen, Tanja: Junior Research Group: Membrane Traffic and Cell Motility

Nazaré, Marc: Medicinal Chemistry

Oschkinat, Hartmut: Department NMR-supported Structural Biology

Plested, Andrew: Heisenberg Guest Research Group: Molecular Neuroscience and Biophysics

Ponomarenko, Alexey / Korotkova, Tatiana: Junior Research Group / Liaison Group-Neuroscience: Behavioural Neurodynamics

Schmieder, Peter: Solution NMR

Schröder, Leif: Junior Research Group: Molecular Imaging

Schülein, Ralf: Protein-Trafficking

Selenko, Phil: Junior Research Group: In-Cell NMR

Walter, Alexander: Emmy Noether Junior Group / Liaison Group-Neuroscience: Molecular and Theoretical Neuroscience


Core Facilities

Kries, Jens Peter von: Screening-Unit

Oschkinat, Hartmut / Schmieder, Peter: NMR

Wiesner, Burkhard: Cellular Imaging

Hackenberger, Christian / Volkmer, Rudolph: Peptide Chemistry

Wisbrun, Natali: Animal Facility