FMP spin-offs

The creation of a new company / spin-off is a substantial challenge for both, the new entrepreneurs and the research institute as the origin of the technologies to be transferred. Once the legal, technical, and financial terms have been established the spin-off is ready to become independent.

So far, two new companies have been founded by FMP researchers:

PSF Biotech AG (founded in 2000)

Area of expertise: structural genomics and target discovery

The company provided service in the field of lead structure optimisation, structural characterisation and validation of target proteins as well as production of recombinant proteins.

Combinature Biopharm AG (founded in 2000)

Area of expertise: combinatorial biosynthesis of natural compound libraries, pre-clinical development of antibiotic compounds  

In August 2006, Combinature Biopharm AG was acquired by MerLion Pharmaceuticals Pte Ltd (MerLion) of Singapore, the world’s leading natural products based drug discovery company. MerLion’s headquarters and drug discovery research centre is based in Singapore, drug development of its anti-infective programmes and nuclear magnetic resonance screening activities are being conducted from Berlin.

In June 2007, Evotec AG acquired the NMR Fragment-Based Drug Discovery Business from MerLion Pharmaceuticals' subsidiary, Combinature Biopharm AG.

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