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Bachelor Thesis, Marc Wippich

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CBB1: World Drug Index (WDI) derived scaffolds based on diversity

16544 compounds


To open the structure data files (.sdf),
the freeware "Marvin" is available from the Chemaxon homepage.

CBB2: Same method as CBB1 / emphasis on solubility

7744 compounds


CBB3: Carboxylate / ketone and amine fragments

4576 compounds


CBB4: Library of FDA approved drugs (Selleck library), pharmaceutically active compounds (LOPAC, Aldrich) and a library of Artchem

6688 cmpds


 CBB5: Donations of academic research labs

4928 compounds


The Screening Unit is grateful for the donations of the following labs:

Prof. Dr. Laufer (Pharmaceutical Chemistry, University of  Tübingen)

Prof. Dr. Klebe (Pharmaceutical Chemistry, University of Marburg)

Prof. Dr. Link (Pharmaceutical Chemistry, University of Greifswald)

Prof. Dr. Schmalz (Organic Chemistry, University of Cologne)

Dr. Frank (Chemical Biology, Leibniz Institute of Molecular Pharmacology)

Prof. Dr. Kirschning (Organic Chemistry, University of Hanover)

Prof. Dr. Kaufmann (Organic Chemistry, Technical University of Clausthal)

Prof. Dr. Schlitzer (Pharmaceutical Chemistry, University of Marburg)

Prof. Dr. Geyer (Organic Chemistry, University of Marburg)

Prof. Dr. Speicher (Organic Chemistry, University of Saarbrücken)

Prof. Dr. Tsogoeva (Organic Chemistry, University of Erlangen)

Prof. Dr. Rault (Organic Chemistry, University of Caens) 

Prof. Dr. Reissig (Organic Chemistry, Free University of Berlin)

Prof. Dr. Bracher (Pharmaceutical Chemistry, LMU Munich)

Prof. Dr. Sewald (Organic Chemistry, University of Bielefeld)

CBB6:  Donations of academic research labs in 1 mM DMSO (natural products)

2552 compounds


CBB7:  Natural product derived compound library of AnalytiCon Discovery

20000 compounds


 Based on different concepts the Screening Unit has collected compounds from a huge variety of vendors

Number of compounds                        Vendor                                                    Logo

1018                                                Selleck Library                                              

1280                                                LOPAC library                                                 

20000                                              AnalytiCon Discovery                                    

21624                                              ChemDiv                                                      

4224                                                ArtChem                                                       

3411                                                Interbioscreen                                               

1976                                                Enamine                                                         

1232                                                UkrOrg                                                           

291                                                  Chembridge                                                   

198                                                  KeyOrganics                                                   

192                                                  MayBridge                                                      


 LC-MS and QC Data  







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