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Research Areas of the Maritzen Lab

Endocytic sorting and cell migration

Cytoskeletal dynamics and cellular motility

Endocytic sorting at the synapse



























Membrane Traffic and Cell Motility (Tanja Maritzen)

Welcome to the Maritzen lab!

Cellular behavior depends largely on interactions with the extracellular environment, which are mediated to a great extent by cell surface receptors. To regulate adhesion strength and sensitivity to extracellular signals, cells need to tightly control their surface proteome. Endocytosis in conjunction with intracellular membrane traffic constitutes a powerful mechanism to regulate protein surface levels and also retrieves transmembrane proteins from the surface that are needed intracellularly.   Consequently, it affects processes ranging from synaptic vesicle recycling to cell migration and is therefore crucial for brain function, the immune system, and tumorigenesis. At the same time processes like cellular motility rely crucially on actin dynamics. For successful cell migration membrane transport and cytoskeletal dynamics have to be closely coordinated.

We are especially interested in:

  • How exactly does endocytic cargo sorting affect cellular processes such as cell migration?
  • What are the connections between endocytic and endosomal proteins and the actin regulatory machinery?
  • How do these connections help to coordinate the interplay between membrane traffic and cytoskeletal dynamics and thereby regulate cellular motility?

By dissecting the molecular function and physiological role of endocytic and endosomal adaptors in membrane traffic and beyond we intend to contribute to a better understanding of brain and immune system disorders as well as cancer.


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