Department Chemical Biology I (Dorothea Fiedler)

Group Leader

Dorothea Fiedler

Dorothea grew up in the most beautiful city in Germany: Hamburg. She went to college at the University of Wuerzburg and did her Diploma work at UC Berkeley. She decided she liked the United States for many reasons that include Thanksgiving (and also German beers are overrated), so she stayed at Berkeley for her Ph.D. She worked in the Raymond and Bergman labs, studying host-guest systems and their application to catalysis. She then moved across the Bay to UCSF, where she joined the Shokat lab to investigate signal transduction pathways. She started her academic career at Princeton University but recently relocated to the FMP, Berlin.

Phone: +49 30 94793 151  |  Email fiedler(at)

Administrative Assistant

Jennifer Trümpler

Jenny grew up in the most “chemical” part of Germany near the Leuna- and Buna-plants. However, she decided to become an animal farmer first. After working in an Irish company for some years, she went back to school to be a bilingual secretary. Assisting the management of a consulting company in Berlin since 2010, she made time to study three evenings a week and graduated in business administration (B.A.). Having found her interest in academia, she switched to the International Office at Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development to support students going abroad and international students studying here. She is happy to assist the Fiedler group in administrative matters. Chocolate is vital for her, she always stores a pile or two in her desk.

Phone: +49 30 94793 150 | Email truempler(at)

Technical Assistants

Katy Franke

Katy was born and raised in the vastness of Brandenburg. During her Abitur she felt that she favors practical work over dry theory. Therefore Katy chose becoming a chemistry laboratory technician over attending university. She started in Potsdam at AnalytiCon AG, later AnalytiCon Dicovery GmbH, and worked on compound libraries based on natural products. Her desire for a change let her defect to Jerini AG in 2006 where she worked in MedChem. In 2009 Katy switched to the compound managment of the Sceening Unit of the FMP. There she familiarized herself with the fascinating side of HPLC and LC/MS based analytics and robots. Since 2015 Katy is part of the Fiedler lab and finds her way through adventurous phosphor-chemistry. She also permanently increases her knowledge of HPLC and LC/MS instruments. Katy loves mountains, books and music. Some years ago she found her passion for Ju-Jutsu.

Phone: +49 30 94793 251  |  Email franke(at)

Lena von Oertzen

Growing up in the beautiful saxon countryside and graduating in Biotechnologie (B.Sc.) in a small town called Zittau, Lena decided it was time for some excitement. Berlin was calling and Lena, preferring good old work in a lab over dry studies, moved to start her first job at Jerini AG searching for small peptide drug compounds. When the company was sold (L. has nothing to do with that) Lena, figuring industry business was not her kind of thing, changed to academia and worked in N. Rajewsky's Lab at the MDC, focussing on microRNA studies in C. elegans, followed by the Haucke Lab at the FMP. She is happy to join the Fiedler Lab to support the biological part of the group and learn something about those phosphates everyone keeps talking about. Lena loves high mountains, swing dancing, cinema and eating a proper steak in Argentina.

Phone: +49 30 94793 265 | Email VonOertzen(at)

Kathrin Motzny

Geboren und aufgewachsen im Ostteil von Berlin vor langer, langer Zeit. Nach der Schule habe ich ein Fachschulstudium zur medizinisch-techn. Laborassistentin absolviert. Direkt nach dem Ende des Studiums fiel plötzlich und unerwartet die Mauer…das ganze Leben stand nun auf dem Kopf. Auch ich musste mich in rasendem Tempo in diese neue Welt integrieren und ging für ca. 10 Jahre nach Stuttgart ins Schwabenländle in die bekannte Kinderklinik, genannt „Olgäle“. Dort arbeitete ich mit wundervollen Kolleginnen zusammen, heiratete meinen langjährigen Freund (auch aus Berlin), wir vermehrten uns und gingen dann mit unserem Sohn zurück in die Nähe unserer Eltern. Nun sollte es richtig zur Sache gehen… wir entwarfen und bauten unser Haus, ich fing am FMP in der Nachwuchsgruppe Protein Engineering von Dr. Freund an und hatte es hier mit völlig neuen Arbeitstechniken zu tun. Inzwischen ist mir vieles vertraut. Im Moment bin ich noch in der AG Computational Chemistry / Drug Design von Dr. Kühne und nun auch schon gleichzeitig hier. In meiner Freizeit habe ich jahrelang am Haus gebaut, nun wird der Garten flottgemacht und den Eltern unter die Arme gegriffen.

Phone: +49 30 94793 284 | Email Motzny(at)

Postdoctoral Fellows

Neelay Kailash Mehendale

The guy from Cobalt Blue, I guess. [Description will follow]

PhD Students

David Furkert

David was born and raised in Berlin; by definition the most interesting city in europe. He grew up in Berlin Marzahn-Hellersdorf, the most underrated area of Berlin. In 8th grade he told his teacher that he will study chemistry and so he studied chemistry at Humboldt University. After his bachelor thesis, where he worked on small molecule FRET sensors for sphingolipids, he decided to join the Fiedler lab for his master thesis. He has a passion for judo, which he is practicing for almost 20 years now.

Phone: +49 30 94793 267 | Email: dfurkert(at)

Sandra Schlomach

Sandra was born and raised in Hamburg, in the north of Germany. Although she knew that she would miss Franzbrötchen and Schietwedder, she decided to go further south and study Biochemistry at the University of Bayreuth (B.Sc.). During her Bachelor's studies she discovered an interest in Organic Chemistry. Therefore she decided to combine both of the fields and study Chemical Biology at the Friedrich-Schiller University of Jena (M.Sc.). She spent one semester abroad at the University of Oulu in the beautiful and cold country of Finland where she went ice hole swimming at -23 °C. In her spare time she loves indoor and outdoor climbing.

Phone: +49 30 94793 265 | Email: schlomach(at)

Minh Nguyen Trung

Being born in Waren on the Müritz but growing up in the Berlin district Friedrichshain Minh early appreciated the advantages of living in the centre of this manifold city. After his Abitur and a coin toss Minh decided to study chemistry at the Humboldt University where he did his bachelor thesis on organocatalysis. Minh came to the Fiedler group for a short research internship but got stuck here somehow and is currently doing his PhD thesis. In his spare time Minh likes indoor-bouldering, JRPGs, board games and making jokes about the outskirts of Berlin (like Spandau).

Phone: +49 30 94793 265 | Email:

Tim Kröber

Tim grew up in the exciting city of Berlin, where he finished high school in 2013. After he couldn't decide whether to study some language or chemistry, he eventually chose the latter and definitely more promising path. For his Bachelor thesis in the Börner group at Humboldt University, and a research internship in the Perrier group at Warwick University, Tim investigated different types of peptide-polymer-conjugates. To broaden his scientific horizon he joined the Fiedler group for his Master thesis and learned a lot about chemical biology. The intriguing project and the nice working atmosphere prompted him to extend his stay for his PhD studies, where he interrogates the inositol pyrophosphate metabolism by a chemical-genetic approach. When he isn't occupied with chemistry, he enjoys playing the incredibly thrilling and upcoming sport Darts - and yes, it is a sport.

Phone: +49 30 94793 277 | Email: kroeber(at)

Leonie Kurz

Leonie grew up in Stuttgart in the south of Germany and studied biochemistry in the beautiful medieval town Tübingen, where she worked on specificity profiling of sortase enzymes in Dirk Schwarzer’s lab. After an MSc. thesis in industry, working with Boehringer-Ingelheim in formulation development of therapeutic antibodies, she decided to come back to academia for her PhD. Ever since her time as an Erasmus student in Uppsala, Sweden, she loves bouldering, and she stays in touch with old friends through pen-and-paper games on Skype.

Phone: +49 30 94793 264 | Email: Kurz(at)

Simon Bartsch

Simon was born in the West German city of Essen and was raised in Bochum, where he finished school in 2013. After finding out that there are other cities with currywurst he moved to Berlin and started studying chemistry at Humboldt-University. He did his bachelor thesis in the Seitz group where he studied a modification for FIT-PNA probes. After his research internship at BAM in the group of Michael Weller, Simon decided to join the Fiedler group for his master thesis (and subsequently his PhD). In his spare time Simon enjoys dancing salsa and visiting football matches.

Phone: +49 30 94793 266 | Email: bartsch(at)

Arif Celik

Arif was born and raised in Berlin. Ever since he was in high school, he was fascinated by biological processes in the human body. After realizing that nearly everything is based on chemistry, he decided to study chemistry at Humboldt-University, where he did his Bachelor thesis on chemoselective antibody modification in the Hackenberger group. After an internship in the medicinal chemistry department of the Bayer AG, he was keen to combine chemistry and biochemistry, so he joined the Fiedler group for his Master thesis. After his Master thesis, he was seeking for a new adventure outside Germany, so he joined the Novartis AG for a six month internship in Switzerland. Currently, he is a Ph.D. student in the Fiedler group, where he is investigating the chemical pyrophosphorylation of pharmacologically relevant proteins. In his spare time Arif enjoys hiking, drinking black tea with an excessive amount of sugar, spending time with his family and friends, and spending way too much time to improve his Muay Thai skills.

Phone: +49 30 94793 266 | Email: Celik@fmp-berlin-de

Annika Richter

Annika was born and raised in Berlin Neukölln and finished high school in 2015. Since 8th grade, when she first saw the periodic table, she wanted to study chemistry and as she was visiting extensively the “long nights of sciences” the HU was her University of choice. For her Bachelor´s Thesis she joined the Fiedler lab and worked on mass spectrometric investigations of pyrophosphorylated peptides. She continued her studies at the HU, enjoyed a semester oversees in Australia, mainly watching kangaroos and koalas while studying nitrate radicals at the Uta Wille lab. Afterwards, she finished her studies with her Master´s Thesis at the Bundeswehr Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology, developing new methods for the detection of sulfur mustard poisoning. As she never forgot her fantastic time at the FMP she now returned for her PhD. In her spare time she likes to cook food from all over the world and host board-game evenings with friends and family.

Phone: +49 30 94793 277 | Email Richter(at)

Atharva Patharkar

Atharva was born and raised in one of the most liveliest cities in India: Pune. Being a nature and sci-fi movies enthusiast, he was drawn to the beautiful and fascinating field of biology. That is why he decided to study microbiology for his Bachelor’s degree which, according to him, was one of the few fantastic decisions in his adulthood. Being an adventurous person, Atharva chose to do his master’s in the foreign and beautiful city of Bremen. He did his master’s thesis at Prof Janine Kirstein’s lab where he worked on the role of chaperones in neurodegenerative disorders using an awesome animal: C. elegans. Since he also loved studying chemistry in his bachelor’s courses, next Atharva wanted to do research on the interface of biology and chemistry. Serendipitously, he came across the Fiedler group and having loved the cool research and the amazing people, he joined our lab for his PhD. In his free time, Atharva likes to wander in nature, wall-climbing, playing badminton, reading about the astronomy, and fantasising about human colonisation of the red planet.

Phone: +49 30 94793 266 | Email Patharkar(at)

Meike Amma

Meike was born and raised in Aalen, a small town in southern Germany, where she has tasted the best pretzels so far. She combined her passion for food and chemistry and studied food chemistry at TU Munich (B. Sc.). Eager to learn more about organic chemistry and biochemistry, she changed to LMU Munich for a master program in biochemistry. Here she also got introduced to chemical biology for the first time. Meike finished her studies with a M. Sc. in toxicology from TU Kaiserslautern. She then joined the Fiedler lab for her PhD to unite her interests in metabolism, analytics and chemical biology. In her spare time, Meike likes to do sports (e.g. bouldering, hiking, circuit training, yoga or pilates), explores the culinary world and spends time with friends and family.

Phone: +49 30 94793 251  |  Email Amma(at)

Master Students


PhD Students and Postdoctoral Fellows

Jeremy Andrew McInnes Morgan

Project leader, Böhringer Ingelheim

Sarah Hostachy

Researcher in bioinorganic chemistry, CEA-Grenoble

Robert "Berti" Harmel

Scientific Project Manager and Industry Liason, EU-OPENSCREEN.

Robert "Robi" Puschmann

Postdoctoral fellow with Robbie Loewith, Université de Genève

Cesar Perez Ramirez

Postdoctoral fellow with Heather Christofk, UCLA

Nathaniel Walker Brown

Postdoctoral fellow with Erin Carlson, Univeristy of Minnesota

Javier Moreno

Lead business analyst, Capgemini S.E.

Alan Marmelstein

Chemist, Orca Bio

Kok Phin Chooi

Analytical Scientist, Spirogen Ltd.

Jeff Bratz

Senior Medical Writer, Oxford PharmaGenesis

Lisa Yates

Associate director, Bristol-Myers Squibb

John Conway

Scientist, Gilead Sciences, Inc.

Mingxuan Wu

Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Westlake University, P. R. China

Florence Williams

Assistant Professor of Chemistry, University of Iowa

Barbara Dul

Postdoctoral fellow with Tom Muir at Princeton University

Anastasia Hager

Scientist, Bayer AG

Vjekoslav Dekaris

Scientific Editor, Chem/Cell Press

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