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Daniel Couto, Annika Richter, Henriette Walter, David Furkert, Michael Hothorn, and Dorothea Fiedler. Using Biotinylated Myo -Inositol Hexakisphosphate to Investigate Inositol Pyrophosphate − Protein Interactions with Surface-Based Biosensors. ACS Chemical Biology, 2021.

Sarah Hostachy, Tillmann Utesch, Katy Franke, Gillian Leigh Dornan, David Furkert, Berke Türkaydin, Volker Haucke, Han Sun and Dorothea Fiedler. Dissecting the Activation of Insulin Degrading Enzyme by Inositol Pyrophosphates and Their Bisphosphonate Analogs. Chemical Science, 2021.

Esther Riemer, Danye Qiu, Debabrata Laha, Robert K. Harmel, Philipp Gaugler,Verena Gaugler, Michael Frei, Mohammad-Reza Hajirezaei, Nargis Parvin Laha,Lukas Krusenbaum, Robin Schneider, Adolfo Saiardi, Dorothea Fiedler, Henning J.Jessen, Gabriel Schaaf, Ricardo F.H. Giehl. ITPK1 is an InsP6/ADP phosphotransferase that controls phosphate signaling in Arabidopsis. Molecular Plant  2021.

Gangling Liao, Wenjuan Ye, Tyler Heitmann, Glen Ernst, Michael DePasquale, Laiyi Xu, Michael Wormald, Xin Hu, Marc Ferrer, Robert K. Harmel, Dorothea Fiedler, James Barrow, and Huijun Wei. "Identification of Small-Molecule Inhibitors of Human Inositol Hexakisphosphate Kinases by High-Throughput Screening." ACS Pharmacol. Transl. Sci. 2021, 4, 2, 780–789.

Martina K. Ried, Rebekka Wild, Jinsheng Zhu, Joka Pipercevic, Kristina Sturm, Larissa Broger, Robert K Harmel, Luciano A Abriata, Ludwig A Hothorn, Dorothea Fiedler, Sebastian Hiller, Michael Hothorn. Inositol pyrophosphates promote the interaction of SPX domains with the coiled-coil motif of PHR transcription factors to regulate plant phosphate homeostasis. Nat Commun. 2021.

David Furkert, Michal Nadler-Holly, Dorothea Fiedler. Affinity enrichment and identification of inositol poly- and pyrophosphate interactomes. STAR Protocols 2021.

Guangning Zong, Nikolaus Jork, Sarah Hostachy, Dorothea Fiedler, Henning J. Jessen, Stephen B. Shears, and Huanchen Wang. “New Structural Insights Reveal an Expanded Reaction Cycle for Inositol Pyrophosphate Hydrolysis by Human DIPP1.The FASEB Journal 2021. 2(35): 1-14.

Brian S. Mantilla, Karunakaran Kalesh, Nathaniel W. Brown Jr, Dorothea Fiedler, Roberto Docampo. "Affinity‐based proteomics reveals novel targets of inositol pyrophosphate (5‐IP7)‐dependent phosphorylation and binding in Trypanosoma cruzi replicative stages." Mol Microbiol. 2021; 00:1–19.


Danye Qiu, Miranda S. Wilson, Verena B. Eisenbeis, Robert K. Harmel, Esther Riemer, Thomas M. Haas, Christopher Wittwer, Nikolaus Jork, Chunfang Gu, Stephen B. Shears, Gabriel Schaaf, Bernd Kammerer, Dorothea Fiedler, Adolfo Saiardi & Henning J. Jessen. "Analysis of inositol phosphate metabolism by capillary electrophoresis electrospray ionization mass spectrometry." Nat Commun 2020. 11(6035).

Alfred C. Chin, Zhe Gao, Andrew M. Riley, David Furkert, Christopher Wittwer, Amit Dutta, Tomas Rojas, Evan R. Semenza, Robin A. Felder, Jennifer L. Pluznick, Henning J. Jessen, Dorothea Fiedler, Barry V. L. Potter, Solomon H. Snyder, Chenglai Fu. "The inositol pyrophosphate 5-InsP7 drives sodium-potassium pump degradation by relieving an autoinhibitory domain of PI3K p85α." Science Advances 2020. 6(44):eabb8542

Desmarini Desmarini, Sophie Lev, David Furkert, Ben Crossett, Adolfo Saiardi, Keren Kaufman-Francis, Cecilia Li, Tania C. Sorrell, Lorna Wilkinson-White, Jacqueline Matthews, Dorothea Fiedler, Julianne Teresa Djordjevic. "IP7-SPX domain interaction controls fungal virulence by stabilizing phosphate signaling machinery." mBio 2020. 11:e01920-20

Mao Li, Robert Puschmann, Andreas Herdlitschka, Dorothea Fiedler, Helma Wennemers. "Delivery of myo‐Inositol Hexakisphosphate to the Cell Nucleus with a Proline‐Based Cell‐Penetrating Peptide." Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2020, 59:15586-15589

David Furkert, Sarah Hostachy, Michal Nadler-Holly, Dorothea Fiedler. "Triplexed Affinity Reagents to Sample the Mammalian Inositol Pyrophosphate Interactome." Cell Chem. Bio 2020, 27: 1-12

Soumyadip Sahu, Zhenzhen Wang, Xinfu Jiao, Chunfang Gu, Nikolaus Jork, Christopher Wittwer, Xingyao Li, Sarah Hostachy, Dorothea Fiedler, Huanchen Wang, Henning J. Jessen, Megerditch Kiledjian, Stephen B. Shears. "InsP7 is a small-molecule regulator of NUDT3-mediated mRNA decapping and processing-body dynamics." PNAS 2020, 117 (32):19245–19253.

Xingyao Li, Chunfang Gu, Sarah Hostachy, Soumyadip Sahu, Christopher Wittwer, Henning J. Jessen, Dorothea Fiedler, Huanchen Wang, Stephen B. Shears. "Control of XPR1-dependent cellular phosphate efflux by InsP8 is an exemplar for functionally-exclusive inositol pyrophosphate signaling." PNAS  2020, 117 (7):3568-3574

Robert Puschmann, Robert K. Harmel, Dorothea Fiedler. "Analysis of metabolically labeled inositol phosphate messengers by NMR." Methods Enzymol. 2020, 641:35-52


Robert Puschmann, Robert K. Harmel and Dorothea Fiedler. "Scalable Chemoenzymatic Synthesis of Inositol Pyrophosphates." Biochemistry 2019, 58(38):3927-3932  ACS Editors' Choice

Jinsheng Zhu, Kelvin Lau, Robert Puschmann, Robert K Harmel, Youjun Zhang, Verena Pries, Philipp Gaugler, Larissa Broger, Amit K Dutta, Henning J Jessen, Gabriel Schaaf, Alisdair R Fernie, Ludwig A Hothorn, Dorothea Fiedler, Michael Hothorn. "Two bifunctional inositol pyrophosphate kinases/phosphatases control plant phosphate homeostasis." eLife 2019, 8:e43582

Martin Penkert, Anett Hauser, Robert Harmel, Dorothea Fiedler, Christian P. R. Hackenberger, Eberhard Krause. "Electron Transfer/Higher Energy Collisional Dissociation of Doubly Charged Peptide Ions: Identification of Labile Protein Phosphorylations" J. Am. Soc. Mass Spectrom. 2019 30(9):1578-1585

Robert K. Harmel, Robert Puschmann, Minh Nguyen Trung, Adolfo Saiardi, Peter Schmieder, Dorothea Fiedler. "Harnessing 13C-labeled myo-inositol to interrogate inositol phosphate messengers by NMR" Chem. Sci. 201910(20):5267-5274


Alan M. Marmelstein, Jeremy A. M. Morgan, Martin Penkert, Daniel T. Rogerson, Eberhard Krause, Jason W Chin and Dorothea Fiedler. "Pyrophosphorylation via Selective Phosphoprotein Derivatization." Chem. Sci. 2018, 9, 5929-3596.

Cole M. Dovey, Jonathan Diep, Bradley P. Clarke, Andrew T. Hale, Dan E. McNamara, Hongyan Guo, Nathaniel W. Brown Jr., Jennifer Yinuo Cao, Christy R. Grace, Peter J. Gough, John Bertin, Scott J. Dixon, Dorothea Fiedler, Edward S. Mocarski, William J. Kaiser, Tudor Moldoveanu, John D. York, Jan E. Carette. "MLKL Requires the Inositol Phosphate Code to Execute Necroptosis." Mol Cell. 2018, 70, 936-948.

Robert Harmel & Dorothea Fiedler. "Features and regulation of non-enzymatic post-translational modifications" Nature Chemical Biology  2018, 14, 244-252


Martin Penkert, Lisa M. Yates, Michael Schümann, David Perlman, Dorothea Fiedler, Eberhard Krause. "Unambiguous Identification of Serine and Threonine Pyrophosphorylation Using Neutral-Loss-Triggered Electron-Transfer/Higher-Energy Collision Dissociation." Analytical Chemistry2017, 89(6), 3672-3680

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Manasa Chanduri, Ashim Rai, Aushaq Bashir Malla, Mingxuan Wu, Dorothea Fiedler, Roop Mallik, Rashna Bhandari. "Inositol hexakisphosphate kinase 1 (IP6K1) activity is required for cytoplasmic dynein-driven transport." Biochemical Journal2016, 473(19) 3031-304

Anastasia Hager, Mingxuan Wu, Huanchen Wang, Nathaniel W. Brown Jr., Stephen B Shears, NicolásVeiga, Dorothea Fiedler. "Cellular Cations Control Conformational Switching of Inositol Pyrophosphate Analogues." Chem. Eur. J.2016, 22, 12406-12414 (Hot Paper)

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Florence J. Williams and Dorothea Fiedler. "A Fluorescent Sensor and Gel Stain for Detection of Pyrophosphorylated Proteins" ACS Chem. Biol.2015, 10(9), pp 1958-1963

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Feng Roa, Jiyoung Cha, Jing Xu, Risheng Xu, M. Scott Vandiver, Richa Tyagi, Robert Tokhunts, Michael A. Koldobskiy, Chenglai Fu, Roxanne Barrow, Mingxuan Wu, Dorothea Fiedler, James C. Barrow, Solomon H. Snyder. "Inositol Pyrophosphates Mediate the DNA-PK/ATM-p53 Cell Death Pathway by Regulating CK2 Phosphorylation of Tti1/Tti2." Mol. Cell2014, 54, 119-132.

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Mingxuan Wu, Barbara E. Dul, Alexandra J. Trevisan, and Dorothea Fiedler. "Synthesis and characterization of non-hydrolysable diphosphoinositol polyphosphate messengers." Chem. Sci.2013, 4, 405-410.

Previous Publications


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