Marthe Louise Vogt (1903-2003)

Marthe Louise Vogt was born in Berlin in 1903, the daughter of Cécile and Oskar Vogt, director of the "Kaiser-Wilhelm-Institut für Hirnforschung" here on the Buch-Campus. With a doctorate in Chemistry from Humboldt-University, she established a reputation as one of Germany's leading pharmacologists. In 1931, aged just 28, she was appointed head of the chemical division at her father's institute.

With Nazism on the rise throughout Germany, Marthe Vogt moved to England in 1935 on a Rockefeller Travelling Fellowship. Over the next thirty years, Vogt would divide her time between Cambridge, London and Edinburgh. In 1960 she became head of the Pharmacology Unit at the Babraham ARC Institute, retiring in 1968. She continued her research there until 1990.

Throughout her life Marthe Vogt received numerous accolades for her work in neuropharmacology. She was the first woman scientist to receive a honorary doctorate from Cambridge. Perhaps her most intriguing accolade is her election in 1977 as a Foreign Honorary Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Marthe Vogt moved to La Jolla, California in 1988 to live with her sister, noted cancer biologist Marguerite Vogt (1913-2007). Marthe Vogt died one day after her 100th birthday in 2003.

(The above text is an abridged version from For more information see also the article by a former colleague and friend in the e-journal of the British Pharmacology Association;Scienceblogs: For Women in Science  or Obituary German only).

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