Computational Chemistry / Drug Design (Ronald Kühne)



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PNAS; (2020);202007213: 1–7; (doi)

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Chem Eur J; (2020);26: 3049–3053; (doi)


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J Biol Chem.; (2016); pii: jbc.M116.748822; (doi)


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R. Opitz, M. Müller, C. Reuter, M. Barone, A. Soicke, Y. Roske, K. Piotukh, P. Huy, M. Beerbaum, B. Wiesner, M. Beyermann, P. Schmieder, C. Freund, R. Volkmer, H. Oschkinat, H.-G. Schmalz, R. Kuhne
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Chem. Eur. J.; (2015); 21; 8464–8470 (doi)


Bernd Rupp, Raed Al-Yamori, Michael Lisurek, Ronald Kühne
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Journal of Cheminformatics; (2016); 8(Suppl 1):P30 (doi)



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Rüdiger Horstkorte; and Jörg Rademann
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V. Hack; C. Reuter; R. Opitz; P. Schmieder; M. Beyermann; J.-M. Neudörfl; R. Kühne; H.-G. Schmalz
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ChemMedChem.; (2013);8(7):1041–56; (doi)


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Sebastian Bandholtz; Jörg Wichard; Ronald Kühne; Carsten Grötzinger
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A Single Glycine-Alanine Exchange Directs Ligand Specificity of the Elephant Progestin Receptor.
PLoS ONE; (2012); 7(11): e50350. (doi)


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Rupp, Bernd; Günther, Sebastian; Makhmoor, Talat; Schlundt, Andreas; Dickhaut, Katharina; Gupta, Shashank; Choudhary, Iqbal; Wiesmüller, Karl-Heinz; Jung, Günther; Freund, Christian; Falk, Kirsten; Rötzschke, Olaf; Kühne, Ronald
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Chembiochem.; (2011); 6(4): 576–582; (doi)


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Cirauqui, Nuria; Schrey, Anna K.; Galiano, Silvia; Ceras, Javier; Pérez-Silanes, Silvia; Aldana, Ignacio; Monge, Antonio; Kühne, Ronald.
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Gupta, S.; Höpner, S.; Rupp, B.; Günther, S.; Dickhaut, K.; Agarwal, N.; Cardoso, M. C.; Kühne, R.; Wiesmüller, K.; Jung, G.; Falk, K. & Rötzschke, O.
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Book Chapter

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