Interested in doing a PhD?

If you're interested in doing your PhD at the FMP, then please check out the research groups and get in touch with the group leaders!

Join the FMP Graduate School!

The quality of tomorrow's science depends directly on today's PhD students. We take very seriously the task of educating our PhDs at the FMP Graduate School and nurturing the first stages of their careers.
The FMP offers a lively and stimulating environment for students including many events with our Campus neighbour, the MDC.
Please follow the links on the left to find detailed information on PhD events and contacts.

FMP-MDC Postdoc Association: A Community of Early Career Researchers

Postdoctoral research is a key stage of the career development of a young researcher. Perhaps they aim to make the transition to becoming fully independent group leaders within an academic research environment, or they are looking for the niche where they can contribute to society at large with their experience and expertise. At the FMP there are over 70 postdoctoral researchers, hailing from Europe, Asia Pacific and America, with a diverse range of research interests. The FMP supports the activities of the FMP-MDC PostDoc Association, which is an initiative started by postdoctoral researchers on the campus, and seeks to foster collaboration between and advocate for issues affecting postdoctoral researchers on campus.

FMP Seminars and Practical Courses

The scientists of the FMP hold various seminars and practical courses in the fields of molecular pharmacology, biochemistry, cell biology, structural biology and physics which are integrated into the curricula of the Berlin universities. In some cases, external applications from other universities are also accepted. For an overview and details, please see the “For Students: Seminars and Practical Courses” page.

FMP ChemLab

Together with the Gläsernes Labor we collaborate widely with schools. Since 2010 we support the student laboratory FMP-ChemLab, a collaborative project with the Gläsernes Labor on Buch Campus. 

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