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Equal Opportunities

At the FMP institute in Berlin, equal opportunity for women and men is one of the established responsibilities of management. The negotiated target Agreements on equal opportunity, agreed by the institute management at the FMP, the equal opportunities officers and the "Equal opportunities initiative group", are manifested in the Institute's work plan on equal opportunities (2013).

Key aims are:

•    Sustained increase in the proportion of women working in specialist and executive scientist positions
•    Improved conditions for career advancement of women
•    Targeted professional advancement of women within the Institute's network
•    Advancing work-familiy-balance to achieve compatibility of working requirements and familiy responsibilities
•    Implementation of measures to counteract all forms of discrimination 

Since January 2013, the FMP has appointed 3 persons of trust who are available as contact persons in the event of discrimination, mobbing or harassment.

Public Gender Equality Plan

The FMP's public gender equality plan (last update from March 2021) lists aims an measures to promote equal opportunities at the institute.

Audit berufundfamilie

In 2013 the FMP received the certificate audit berufundfamilie (job and family audit). In addition, we are thinking about the purchase of the certificate by TOTAL E-QUALITY.

These ratings are awarded to institutes that promote equal opportunities for women and men in the workplace and create a comprehensive family-orientated advancement programme.

Certificate (in German) audit berufundfamilie

Family-friendly FMP

The Institute is also interested in supporting its employees in looking after their children. A parent-child room is provided on Campus-Buch and places are available in the Campus day-care centre.

 The contact person is Ms. Chylla: Chylla(at)

Website Kita CampusSterne

For information on the subject of maternity protection/parental leave, see the following links

Maternity protection legislation:

Parental leave:,did=16318.html

Parental allowance:,did=76746.html General information

Application for parental benefit:

You will find information on the subject of long-term care (home-based, long-term care insurance legislation, etc.) under:
Further links on equal opportunities/ family friendliness:,did=192702.html


Funding programmes

Here, you will find important contact points for women scientists who are looking for possible funding, who require support in reconciling having children with pursuing a scientific career, or who are interested in networking.

• The European Platform of Women Scientists (EPWS) is an umbrella organisation (Dachorganisation) of different networks and organisations of women scientists from the European Union (Europäischen Union) and other states associated with the research framework programme (Forschungsrahmenprogramm) of the European Commission (Europäischen Kommission) that promote gender equality (Geschlechtergerechtigkeit) in the field of research.

European Platform of Women Scientists Rue d'Arlon 38
B-1000 Brussels
Email: info(at)

The project KISSWIN is a central communication and information platform for up-and-coming scientists (Nachwuchswissenschaftler) on the internet. As such, wants to create transparency and aid orientation for Germany as a location for research and offer quick and individual support and advice on funding opportunities. This is designed to help young scientists in Germany find funding appropriate to their needs. The project KISSWIN is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung, BMBF). Service telephone:
Monday to Thursday 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. +49. (0)241. 80 904 95

o    Deutscher Akademikerinnen Bund e. V. (DAB)is the oldest federation of German women academics. It offers a wide range of advisory and networking opportunities. The aim of the DAB is to empower women academics to utilise their specialist knowledge effectively, to improve the status of women and girls through gender mainstreaming, to promote life-long learning and to contribute to the success of a career with children as a model for life.
Deutscher Akademikerinnenbund e. V.
Prof. Dr. Elisabeth de Sotelo
Mommsenstraße 41
10629 Berlin
Tel. 030/3101 6441
Fax 030/3101 5996
Email: info(at)

•    Christiane-Nüsslein-Volhard Foundation The CNV-Stiftung, founded in 2004 to promote science and research, supports talented young women scientists with children in achieving the freedom and mobility required to further their scientific careers. The Foundation wants to help prevent science from losing highly talented individuals. It is aimed specifically at graduate students in the fields of experimental natural sciences and medicine.

Brigitte Walderich (Management)
Consultation hours: Fridays from 9:00 - 11:00
Tel.: 07071/601 398
Fax: 07071/601 1398

•     Hildegardis-Verein e.V. (Hildegardis-Verein)The Hildegardis-Verein is the oldest association that promotes women's studies in Germany. It was founded in 1907. The aim of the Hildegardis-Verein is to achieve a lasting improvement in the prerequisites for women's education – by establishing the necessary social framework and promoting individuals with loans, family grants, mentoring programmes and coaching courses. In 2008, the Hildegardis-Verein also started Germany's first mentoring programme for women students with disabilities.
Hildegardis-Verein e.V.
Frauen – Studien – Fördern
Wittelsbacherring 9
D-53115 Bonn
Tel. +49(0)228-96 59 249
Fax +49(0)228-96 95 226

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