Prof. Dr. Ralf Schülein

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Molekulare Pharmakologie und zelluläre Signaltransduktion

WS 2017/2018

The next seminar and practical course „Molecular Pharmacology and Cellular Signal Transduction” will take place in the period from 26.02.2018 – 09.03.2018 (winter term)


Leistungspunkte (credits) 5

Seminarthemen und Praktikumsplan 

The seminar will be held by scientists from the FMP, MDC and the Charité University Medicine Berlin and students will contribute with student talks. The seminar topics will cover the scientific work of the seminar speakers and current questions in molecular pharmacology. Seminar participation is the prerequisite to complete the practical course. The practical course includes state of the art methods in molecular pharmacology, structural biology, cell biology and biochemistry (see the schedule).


16 places are reserved for Biochemistry students (Bachelor/Master) of the Free University Berlin; see the lecture directory.
Medical students of the Charité University Medicine Berlin and external medicine or natural sciences students could apply directly. Please send in this case a CV to schuelein(at)

Link zu Anfahrt und Campusplan

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