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The FMP conducts basic research in Molecular Pharmacology with the aim to identify novel bioactive molecules and to characterize their interactions with their biological targets in cells or organisms. Read more

Haucke Lab is first certified green lab in Germany

The department of Molecular Pharmacology and Cell Biology has been recently certified as a “GREEN LAB” by the non-profit organization My Green Lab. Since autumn 2019, the FMP Green Initiative aims at reducing the environmental impact of our research at the FMP.
Read more about the certification and how it all began, here.


Research Highlights

Tiny ion channels are responsible for transporting potassium and sodium to our cells. In the process, ions must pass through a bottleneck, referred to…

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The glutamate receptor AMPA was previously known for its lightning-fast transmission of excitation. All the more surprising, therefore, are the…

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The transport of ions such as sodium, potassium and chloride in human cells is essential for survival. Professor Thomas Jentsch has been researching…

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It is one of the big pharmacological questions: How do you get large functional biomolecules like proteins or antibodies into a living cell? Linking…

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