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Members of the Arf Family as Triggers for Coat Formation

The formation of intracellular transport carriers is frequently supported by small GTPases, for instance by members of the Arf family of GTPases. Arf proteins possess an aminoterminal amphipathic helix, which upon activation of the GTPase dives into the membrane, thus triggering an asymmetric expansion of one leaflet of the lipid bilayer and concomitantly the generation of membrane curvature (Krauss et al., 2009).

In addition, some members interact with and activate phosphoinositide-metabolizing enzymes, as we have previously demonstrated for Arf6. Arf6-GTP thereby initiates the generation of a pool of PI(4,5)P2, which greatly enhances the affinity of endocytic adaptor proteins (e.g. AP180 and AP-2) for neuron-derived membrane surfaces (Krauss et al., 2003). Furthermore, several Arf GTPases directly associate with cargo-recognizing adaptor proteins and thereby trigger their membrane translocation.

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