Molecular Neuroscience and Biophysics (Andrew Plested)


Some images from trips and the lab.

Lab Retreat 2018

AG Plested lab retreat in Wittbrietzen. L to R: Sebastian, Clarissa, Niccolò, Kordelia, Janike, Marcus, Yuchen, Saeid, Iva, Sandra, Johann, Sabrina, Sonja, Andrew, Elli, Irene. Anahita was absent. 


Lab Retreat 2017

AG Plested Lab Retreat, October 2017, Fuchsbau, Bahnitz, Brandenburg. L to R: Antje, Yuchen, Hector, Irene, Anahita, Andrew, Jelena, Sonja, Miriam, Marcus, Paul, Clarissa & Johann. Vale and Sebastian were absent. Paul Kammermeier,  from Rochester, NY, was the first ever esteemed international guest to join our retreat.

Lab Retreat 2016

Lab Retreat 2015

Lab Retreat 2014

Lab Retreat 2013

Senftenberg Trip March 2011

Group Photo May 2011

Group Photo June 2010

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