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We communicate our research results to the public - by providing various formats

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Findings of particular interest are published in detail via press releases.
Reports on current projects and background information on specific issues and research developments are published in our Research Report. For the general public we have put together some of our recent research results in a brochure.

During the Long Night of the Sciences you can get the opportunity to experience our research directly in our laboratories and to talk to our scientists. This event is designed for the whole family and especially for young people.

In the FMP-ChemLab student laboratory, located in the Gläsernen Labor, students in their final two years of high school slip into the role of chemists and carry out experiments that are impossible to do in school laboratories. Courses are to investigate caffeine, dyes, plastics, fragrances and proteins.

The FMP supports Wirkstoffradio, a podcast about active ingredients and drug research:

"Wirkstoffradio...for application in the ear!"


Bernd Rupp talks to scientists, and the topics always focus on the active substances in drugs. With great enthusiasm for science and research, and a lot of curiosity, these conversations transform into new episodes of the “Wirkstoffradio” podcast. You are invited to listen to the episodes and to subscribe via the usual podcatchers or directly via


The Marthe Vogt Podcast by the Forschungsverbund Berlin

Behind every young and committed woman in science with an exceptional CV often lies a winding road to academia, filled with doubts and obstacles, but also with exciting adventures. In this interview series, female doctoral students, postdocs, and junior researchers at the Forschungsverbund Berlin share stories about their journey to science, their motivations, hardest challenges, biggest achievements, and their life beyond scientific research.
The interviews are hosted by Natalia Stolyarchuk, and are conducted in English.
All Episodes here

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