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Entry from: 09.10.2015  
Category: News, Press Releases

Green waves in the brain: theta oscillations coordinate navigation and movement

Using light pulses, Berlin scientists have recently managed to control theta oscillations in mouse brain. They discovered that these brain waves coordinate movement - enabling signaling between distant brain regions – a common code for controlling mental states (...)[more]

Entry from: 09.10.2015  
Category: News, Press Releases

„Indefatigable Hearing“ – a molecular clearance mechanism enables synapses to continously release transmitter

Auditory neuroscientists discover bottleneck of information flow in the ear and pave the way for gene therapy of deafness. Publication in „EMBO Journal“[more]

Entry from: 28.09.2015  
Category: News, Press Releases

Tweaking proteins with ‘Tub-tag’

FMP researchers, together with colleagues based in Munich, have developed a rapid and efficient technique for targeted chemoenzymatic functionalization of proteins. The new method has a wide range of potential therapeutic applications.[more]

Entry from: 22.09.2015  
Category: News, Press Releases

Zwei neue Einsteinzentren für Berlin

Die Einstein Stiftung fördert zukünftig zwei weitere Einstein-Zentren: Das Einstein-Zentrum für Neurowissenschaften sowie das Einstein-Zentrum für Katalyse. Die Förderung beginnt im Januar 2016 und beträgt insgesamt rund 16 Millionen Euro für eine Laufzeit von (...)[more]

Entry from: 14.09.2015  
Category: News, Press Releases

Twenty-five Years Ago Professor Thomas Jentsch Opened Up a New Field of Research – British Journal Devotes a Special Issue to the Discovery

A quarter of a century ago, the physicist, physician and cell biologist Professor Thomas Jentsch and his research team opened up an entirely new field of research in the field of ion transport. Now the British journal “The Journal of Physiology” has devoted a (...)[more]

Entry from: 26.08.2015  
Category: News, Press Releases

Researchers show how dynamin mediates membrane constriction and scission – a vital process

Cells continually form membrane vesicles that are released into the cell. If this vital process is disturbed, nerve cells, for example, cannot communicate with each other. The protein molecule dynamin is essential for the regulated formation and release of many (...)[more]

Entry from: 25.08.2015  
Category: News, Press Releases

Bladder infection: When bacteria go fishing

How do bacteria manage to colonise the inner wall of a urinary bladder? The Berlin-based researcher Adam Lange has analysed thin filaments on the surface of E. coli bacteria – thanks to these "pili", the unicellular organisms are able to adhere specifically to (...)[more]

Entry from: 30.07.2015  
Category: Press Releases, News

Getting to the bottom of ageing

The question of why we age is one of the most fascinating questions for humankind, but nothing close to a satisfactory answer has been found to date. Scientists at the Leibniz-Institut für Molekulare Pharmakologie in Berlin have now taken one step closer to (...)[more]

Entry from: 14.07.2015  
Category: Press Releases, News

Dorothea Fiedler is a new director at the FMP

A rising star on the research horizon raved the "Princeton Alumni Weekly" about Dorothea Fiedler. At the American Ivy League University founded in 1746, she enjoyed the reputation of being an outstanding scientist who was particularly important for the future of (...)[more]

Entry from: 26.05.2015  
Category: Press Releases, News

Eine Bremse gegen epileptische Anfälle in Nervenzellen

In jedem Augenblick werden an Billiarden Synapsen unseres Gehirns chemische Signale erzeugt, die einzelnen Nervenzellen feuern dabei bis zu 1000 mal in der Sekunde. Wie ihnen diese Höchstleistung gelingt ohne dabei epileptische Anfälle zu erzeugen, haben (...)[more]


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