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Studying covid-19 diagnostics and therapy

Overview on corona-relevant research at the FMP.

Phage shell docks on and inhibits the influenza virus (visualization Barth van Rossum)

Researchers at the FMP are studying new approaches in covid-19 diagnostics and therapy. These include antiviral compounds, such as an influenza inhibitor recently described by the department of Prof. Dr. Christian Hackenberger. 

Here you find the link to our latest news Phage capsid against influenza: perfectly fitting inhibitor prevents viral infection

In addition, scientists of the technology platform Screening Unit, headed by Dr. Jens von Kries, are testing new substances that prevent the absorption of viruses into lung epithelial cells. To support diagnostics in the general population, the company MiProbes is developing a non-PCR screening at FMP’s cell engineering facility for the direct detection of coronavirus. With regard to the question of how enveloped viruses enter the cells, the structure of the virus will be investigated using solid-state NMR under the lead of Prof. Dr. Hartmut Oschkinat.
Likewise, studies on the structure and dynamics of viral membrane proteins by means of solid-state NMR and MD simulations are planned, as these structures may be targets for antiviral inhibitors (Prof. Dr. Adam Lange and Dr. Han Sun).

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