FMP-MDC Postdoctoral Association

The FMP-MDC Postdoctoral Association is a volunteer organisation aiming to promote networking and scientific exchange between local postdoctoral scientists. Currently Wing Ying Chow, Javier Moreno, Tania L√≥pez, Domenico Azarnia Tehran and Martin Lehmann from the FMP (details and contact on the right) as well as Claudia, Lisa, Sarah and Sebastian from the MDC lead the activities of the Postdoctoral Association bringing together scientists working on the Campus Berlin-Buch. 

Informal events provide an excellent platform for interaction between postdoctoral scientists from different labs, increasing awareness of the range of research themes and technology platforms available on campus and stimulating new ideas and collaborative projects. For this the PostDoc Association organizes an annual PostDoc Day and regular Networking Lunch seminars.

For advice, feedback and suggestions send a message to postdocrep(at) or visit them in the lab.