RNAi and CRISPR-Cas9 Screening

The facility offers scientists from the FMP and MDC access to high-throughput screening with arrayed miRNA, siRNA and sgRNA libraries on the basis of a scientific collaboration.

Broad range of assays

State of the art equipment supports a broad range of assays in high-throughput formats, ranging from basic reporter assays to high-content screening campaigns. Instrumentation covers automated fluorescence microscopy, flow cytometry, luminescence and real-time kinetic fluorescence reading (see Technologies).

Full support in high-throughput screening

We operate on the basis of a scientific collaboration and offer support through all stages of a screening campaign: assay development and adaption to high-throughput screening, the actual wet-lab screen, data acquisition and quality assessment, statistical analysis as well as hit candidate selection.

Data processing

We are constantly advancing our in-house analysis, database and reporting tools to keep the platform updated. The integration of freely available open-source tools (e.g. KNIME Analytics Platform) and the development of our own analysis workflows enables us to meet the specific requirements of a multitude of biological questions.