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Böhme, M.A., McCarthy, A. W., Grasskamp, A. T., Beuschel, C. B., Goel, P., Jusyte, M., Laber, D., Huang, S., Rey, U., Petzoldt, A. G., Lehmann, M., Gottfert, F., Haghighi, P., Hell, S. W., Owald, D., Dickman, D., Sigrist, S. J., and Walter, A. M.* (2019) Rapid active zone remodeling consolidates presynaptic potentiation. Nat Commun 10, 1085 Journal link 


Böhme, M.A., Grasskamp, A.T., and Walter, A.M.* (2018) Regulation of synaptic release-site Ca2+ channel coupling as a mechanism to control release probability and short-term plasticity. FEBS Letters doi:10.2002-1873-3468.13188 Journal link

Fulterer A., Andlauer, T.F.M., Ender, A., Maglione, M., Eyring, K., Woitkuhn, J., Lehmann, M., Matkovic, T., Geiger, J.R.P, Walter, A.M., Nagel, K., and Sigrist, S.J., (2018) Active zone scaffold protein ratios tune functional diversity across brain synapses. Cell Reports 23, 1259-1274.

Walter, A.M.*, Böhme, M.A., and Sigrist S.J. (2018) Vesicle release site organisation at synaptic active zones. Neurosci Res 127, 3-13


Walter, A.M.*, Muller, R., Tawfik, B., Wierda, K.D., Pinheiro, P.S., Nadler, A., McCarthy, A.W., Ziomkiewicz, I., Kruse, M. Reither, G., Rettig, J., Lehmann, M., Haucker, V., Hille, B., Schultz, C., and Sorensen, J.B. (2017) Phosphatidylinositol 4,5-bisphosphate optical uncaging potentiates exocytosis. eLife. 6, e30203eLife link 

Reddy-Alla, S., Böhme, M.A., Reynolds, E., Beis, C., Grasskamp, A.T., Mampell, M.M., Maglione, M., Rey, U., Babikir, H., McCarthy, A.W., Quentin, C., Matkovic, T., Dufour-Bergeron, D., Mushtaq, Z., Göttfert, F., Owald, D., Mielke, T., Hell, S.W., Sigrist, S.J.*, and Walter, A. M.* (2017) Stable positioning of Unc13 restricts synaptic vesicle fusion to defined release sites to promote synchronous neurotransmission. Neuron. 95, 1350-1364  elsevier link

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Grauel, M. K., Maglione, M., Reddy-Alla, S., Willmes, C. G., Brockmann, M. M., Trimbuch, T., Rosenmund, T., Pangalos, M., Vardar, G., Stumpf, A., Walter, A. M. , Rost, B. R., Eickholt, B. J., Haucke, V., Schmitz, D., Sigrist, S. J., and Rosenmund, C. (2016) RIM-binding protein 2 regulates release probability by fine-tuning calcium channel localization at murine hippocampal synapses. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1605256113

Bohme, M. A., Beis, C., Reddy-Alla, S., Reynolds, E., Mampell, M. M., Grasskamp, A. T., Lutzkendorf, J., Bergeron, D. D., Driller, J. H., Babikir, H., Gottfert, F., Robinson, I. M., O'Kane, C. J., Hell, S. W., Wahl, M. C., Stelzl, U., Loll, B., ^Walter, A. M.* ., and Sigrist, S. J.* (2016) Active zone scaffolds differentially accumulate Unc13 isoforms to tune Ca(2+) channel-vesicle coupling. Nat Neurosci.19, 1311-1320


Man, K. M., Imig, C., Walter, A. M., Pinheiro, P. S., Stevens, D. R., Rettig, J., Sorensen, J. B., Cooper, B. H., Brose, N., and Wojcik, S. M. (2015) Identification of a Munc13-sensitive step in chromaffin cell large dense-core vesicle exocytosis. Elife 4, e10635

Muhammad, K., Reddy-Alla, S., Driller, J. H., Schreiner, D., Rey, U., Bohme, M. A., Hollmann, C., Ramesh, N., Depner, H., Lutzkendorf, J., Matkovic, T., Gotz, T., Bergeron, D. D., Schmoranzer, J., Goettfert, F., Holt, M., Wahl, M. C., Hell, S. W., Scheiffele, P., Walter, A. M., Loll, B., and Sigrist, S. J. (2015) Presynaptic spinophilin tunes neurexin signalling to control active zone architecture and function. Nat Commun. 6, 8362

Schotten, S.*, Meijer, A.*, Walter, A.M.*, Huson, V., Mamer, L., Kalogreades, L., ter Veer, M., Ruiter, M., Brose, N., Rosenmund, C., Sorensen, J.B., Verhage, M., and Cornelisse, L.N. (2015). Additive effects on the energy barrier for synaptic vesicle fusion cause supralinear effects on the vesicle fusion rate. eLife 4, e05531.


Walter, A.M.*, Kurps, J.*, de Wit, H., Schoning, S., Toft-Bertelsen, T.L., Lauks, J., Ziomkiewicz, I., Weiss, A.N., Schulz, A., Fischer von Mollard, G., et al. (2014). The SNARE protein vti1a functions in dense-core vesicle biogenesis. The EMBO Journal33, 1681-1697.

Kononenko, N.L., Puchkov, D., Classen, G.A., Walter, A.M., Pechstein, A., Sawade, L., Kaempf, N., Trimbuch, T., Lorenz, D., Rosenmund, C., et al. (2014). Clathrin/AP-2 mediate synaptic vesicle reformation from endosome-like vacuoles but are not essential for membrane retrieval at central synapses. Neuron 82, 981-988.

Podufall, J., Tian, R., Knoche, E., Puchkov, D., Walter, A.M., Rosa, S., Quentin, C., Vukoja, A., Jung, N., Lampe, A., et al. (2014). A presynaptic role for the cytomatrix protein GIT in synaptic vesicle recycling. Cell Reports7, 1417-1425.

^Walter, A.M. , Haucke, V., and Sigrist, S.J. (2014). Neurotransmission: spontaneous and evoked release filing for divorce. Current Biology: CB 24, R192-194.


^Walter, A.M. , Pinheiro, P.S., Verhage, M., and Sorensen, J.B. (2013). A sequential vesicle pool model with a single release sensor and a ca(2+)-dependent priming catalyst effectively explains ca(2+)-dependent properties of neurosecretion. PLoS Comp Biol 9, e1003362.

Pinheiro, P.S., H. de Wit, Walter, A.M., Groffen, A.J., Verhage, M. and Sorensen,  J.B. (2013). Doc2b synchronizes secretion from chromaffin cells by stimulating fast and inhibiting sustained release. J Neurosci. 33:16459-16470.

2012 and earlier

Walter, A.M. , Groffen, A.J., Sorensen, J.B., and Verhage, M. (2011). Multiple Ca2+sensors in secretion: teammates, competitors or autocrats? Trends Neurosci34, 487-497.

Walter, A.M. , Wiederhold, K., Bruns, D., Fasshauer, D., and Sorensen, J.B. (2010). Synaptobrevin N-terminally bound to syntaxin-SNAP-25 defines the primed vesicle state in regulated exocytosis. J Cell Biol 188, 401-413.

Ngatchou, A.N., Kisler, K., Fang, Q., Walter, A.M., Zhao, Y., Bruns, D., Sorensen, J.B., and Lindau, M. (2010). Role of the synaptobrevin C terminus in fusion pore formation. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 107, 18463-18468.

Wiederhold, K., Kloepper, T. H., Walter, A. M., Stein, A., Kienle, N., Sorensen, J. B., and Fasshauer, D. (2010) A coiled coil trigger site is essential for rapid binding of synaptobrevin to the SNARE acceptor complex. J Biol Chem 285, 21549-21559

de Wit, H., Walter, A.M., Milosevic, I., Gulyas-Kovacs, A., Riedel, D., Sorensen, J.B., and Verhage, M. (2009). Synaptotagmin-1 docks secretory vesicles to syntaxin-1/SNAP-25 acceptor complexes. Cell 138, 935-946.

Nagy, G., Milosevic, I., Mohrmann, R., Wiederhold, K., Walter, A. M., and Sorensen, J. B. (2008) The SNAP-25 linker as an adaptation toward fast exocytosis. Mol Biol Cell 19, 3769-3781

*: equal contribution, ^:corresponding author

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