Medicinal Chemistry (Marc Nazaré)

Equipment of the MedChem group

Analytical Systems

Agilent 1200 LC/DAD/TOF-MS (6220A)

This analytical LCMS/TOF system is equipped with a binary pump (up to 5mL/min), a high performance wellplate sampler (0.1 - 100µL), a column oven (up to 100°C) and a diode array detector (80Hz) allowing for simultaneous measurement at wavelengths between 190 and 950nm. The backend is an Agilent G6220A accurate mass time-of-flight mass spectrometer (100-3000m/z) enabling the user to determine the molecular composition of the analytes.

Agilent 1260 LC/DAD/SQ-MS (6120)

The analytical LCMS is equipped with a binary pump (up to 5mL/min), a high performance well plate sampler (0.1 - 40µL), a column oven and a new Agilent 1260 DAD (80 Hz) allowing for simultaneous measurement at wavelengths between 190 and 450nm. The backend is a robust single quadrupole mass spectrometer (up to 2000m/z). The system is used to analyze chemical reaction mixtures.

Agilent 1200 HPLC/DAD/ELSD

Our Agilent 1200 analytical HPLC is equipped with an autosampler, a column oven, a diode array detector (190-950nm) and an evaporative light scattering detector (ELSD) allowing for detection of non-UV absorbing analytes.

Jasco V550 UVvis Spectrophotometer

The Jasco V550 UV/vis spectrophotometer contains a double beam system with single monochromator. It is equipped with a deuterium and a halogen lamp allowing for spectra measurements between 190 and 900nm. It takes standard cuvettes of 1cm width.

Purification Systems

preparative HPLCs

For the separation of chemical reaction mixtures that are soluble in water/acetonitrile we use a Waters Prep 150 LC system with a reversed phase C18 column. It has an autosampler and a manual injection valve and is equipped with a multi wavelength detector and a fraction collector. 

Flash Chromatography

Our group has two Biotage Isolera One flash chromatography systems equipped with a quaternary pump and a UV detector allowing for wavelength or wavelength range triggered fraction collection between 200 and 400nm. Our CombiFlash Rf 200 by Teledyne Isco has a binary pump and enables the user to automatically collect fractions triggered by two different wavelengths (200-780nm). All flash chromatographs are used to purify reaction mixtures ranging from milligram to gram scale.

Lyophilizer Christ ALPHA 2-4 LSC

Our lyophilizer has 24 slots for the attachment of flasks. Sample solutions in suitable solvents like water or tert-butanol are frozen and the solvents are removed by vacuum sublimation.

Synthetic Equipment

Biotage Initiator+ Microwave with Robot Sixty Autosampler

For microwave syntheses we use a Biotage Initiator+ equipped with a Robot Sixty autosampler taking up to sixty samples sequentially with volumes between 0.2 to 20mL.

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