Dr. Dirk Schwarzer

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Protein Chemistry

Please note
Prof. Dirk Schwarzer has accepted the chair for Biochemistry at theEberhard Karls Universität Tübingen in Octobre 2011, but he still has coworkers at the FMP.

All eukaryotes must deal with the problem of packaging DNA into the limited space of their cellular nuclei. Organizing the DNA into chromatin, a complex of DNA and dedicated packing proteins, so-called histones, solves this problem. In addition to compacting DNA, chromatin itself regulates the activity of encoded genes. This regulatory process involves many posttranslational modifications of histone proteins and deciphering the complex crosstalk between histone modifications and gene activity represents a central challenge for biomedical science. Our group is interested in developing and using chemical tools to study the physiological function of posttranslational histone modifications. We focus on the development and application of biochemical assays for probing the enzymes involved in the installation and removal of the respective modification. We are further interested in Proteomic probes for identifying modification-dependent histone binding proteins and methods for studying the modification preferences of predicted histone-binding proteins.

Our investigations are based on the chemical synthesis of non-natural and isotope-labeled amino acids in combination with solid-phase peptide synthesis. In addition, we use tools from molecular biology, biochemistry and cell biology in our research.


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