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Farewell Symposium

CANCELLED Dr. Eberhard Krause

Group leader Mass Spectrometry from 1992 until retirement 2017
Dorothea Fiedler (FMP), Christian Hackenberger (FMP), Christian Freund (FU Berlin), Holger Wenschuh (JPT Berlin), Benjamin Kaupp (Caesar Bonn), Dirk Schwarzer (Universität Tübingen), Hans Börner (HU Berlin),  Eberhard Krause

January 05
02:00 pm
04:40 pm
Christian Hackenberger
Large Seminar Room B 1.16

Dorothea Fiedler (FMP) - welcome

Christian Hackenberger (FMP)
The hunt to identify uncommon phosphorylations

Christian Freund (FU Berlin)
ADAPtive T cell function by phosphorylation

Holger Wenschuh (JPT Berlin)
Innovative Peptide Formats for Immunotherapy, Proteomics & Drug Discovery

Benjamin Kaupp (Caesar Bonn)
What are multiple phosphorylations good for?

Dirk Schwarzer (Universität Tübingen)
Chemical probes for lysine acetylation

Hans Börner (HU Berlin)
Can we still learn something from mussels - A sticky story to improve mussel foot proteins

Ein Resümee – Eberhard Krause

Seminar Rooms / Abbreviations

Marthe-Vogt-Building (main building of the FMP -
called Building C81 on the campusplan)

Room number B 1.16 - Ground floor (Large Seminar Room)

Room number B 1.14 - Ground floor

Room number A 2.16 - 1st Floor

Room number A 3.16 - 2nd Floor


TRH: Timoféeff-Resovsky-Building (second building of the FMP - called Building C87 on the campusplan)  

Room number 102 - 1st Floor

Room number 302 - 3rd Floor



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