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FMP Colloquium

FMP Colloquium

Lukas Tamm, University of Virginia, School of Medicine, USA
"Loop dynamics of the outer membrane protein OprG contribute to amino acid transport in Pseudomonas aeruginosa" Karsten Seidel, BASF Ludwigshafen
"Solid-state NMR in chemical industry"

March 13
01:00 pm
02:30 pm
Host: Adam Lange and Hartmut Oschkinat
MVH, B 1.16

Seminar Rooms / Abbreviations

Marthe-Vogt-Building (main building of the FMP -
called Building C81 on the campusplan)

Room number B 1.16 - Ground floor (Large Seminar Room)

Room number B 1.14 - Ground floor

Room number A 2.16 - 1st Floor

Room number A 3.16 - 2nd Floor


TRH: Timoféeff-Resovsky-Building (second building of the FMP - called Building C87 on the campusplan)  

Room number 102 - 1st Floor

Room number 302 - 3rd Floor



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