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FMP Colloquium

Molecular Neuroscience Symposium

Carolina Borges-Merjane - Institute of Science and Technology, Klosterneuburg, Austria, Jonas group
Title: "Functional analysis of the docked vesicle pool in identified synapses by electron microscopy” Marisa Brockmann - Charité, Berlin, Rosenmund group
Title: “Ultrastructural and molecular determinants of synaptic strength”  Noa Lipstein Thoms - Max Planck Institute of Experimental Medicine, Göttingen
Title: tba Thomas Gonatopulos-Pournatzis - Donnelly Centre, University of Toronto, Canada, Blencowe group
Title: „Exon-centric functional genomics to uncover transcript variants underlying neurodevelopmental disorders“ Olivier Urwyler - University of Zürich, Switzerland
Title: "Molecular control of axon branch-specific synaptogenesis”

February 03
12:10 pm
04:00 pm
Host: Volker Haucke
MVH, B 1.16

Seminar Rooms / Abbreviations

Marthe-Vogt-Building (main building of the FMP -
called Building C81 on the campusplan)

Room number B 1.16 - Ground floor (Large Seminar Room)

Room number B 1.14 - Ground floor

Room number A 2.16 - 1st Floor

Room number A 3.16 - 2nd Floor


TRH: Timoféeff-Resovsky-Building (second building of the FMP - called Building C87 on the campusplan)  

Room number 102 - 1st Floor

Room number 302 - 3rd Floor



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