Meeting Committees

Steering Committee

Hartmut Oschkinat, FMP Berlin

Thomas Risse, FU Berlin

Leif Schröder, FMP Berlin


Local Organizing Committee

Robert Bittl, FU Berlin

Enrica Bordignon, FU Berlin

Bernd Ittermann, PTB Berlin 

Thoralf Niendorf, MDC Berlin

Hartmut Oschkinat, FMP Berlin

Thomas Risse, FU Berlin

Leif Schröder, FMP Berlin


Scientific Committee

Jochen Balbach, Uni Halle

Marina Bennati, MPI Göttingen

Eike Brunner, TU Dresden

Steffen Glaser, TU Munich

Wolfgang Jahnke, Novartis Basel


Scientific Program

This year topics are: 

Frontiers in Magnetic Resonance


BioMR-Methods and Applications

Small Molecules & Materials

DNP and Hyperpolarization

Computational Methods

Dynamics: Experiments & Theory

NMR in Chemical Biology and Drug Design

In-Cell MR and Biomedical Applications


Download the detailed conference's program schedule

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