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C. Shi, P. Fricke, L. Lin, V. Chevelkov, M. Wegstroth, K. Giller, S. Becker, M. Thanbichler, and A. Lange, Atomic-resolution structure of cytoskeletal bactofilin by solid-state NMR, Science Advances, 1 (2015), e1501087.

S. Vasa, L. Lin, C. Shi, B. Habenstein, D. Riedel, J. Kühn, M. Thanbichler, and A. Lange, β-Helical architecture of cytoskeletal bactofilin filaments revealed by solid-state NMR, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 112 (2015), E127-E136.


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J.-P. Demers, B. Habenstein, A. Loquet, S. K. Vasa, K. Giller, S. Becker, D. Baker, A. Lange* and N. G. Sgourakis*, High-resolution structure of the Shigella type-III secretion needle determined by solid-state NMR and cryo-electron microscopy, Nature Communications, 5 (2014), 4976.


A. Loquet, B. Habenstein, V. Chevelkov, S. K. Vasa, K. Giller, S. Becker, and A. Lange, Atomic structure and handedness of the building block of a biological assembly, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 135 (2013), pp. 19135-19138.

A. Loquet, N. G. Sgourakis, R. Gupta, K. Giller, D. Riedel, C. Goosmann, C. Griesinger, M. Kolbe, D. Baker, S. Becker, and A. Lange, Atomic model of the type III secretion system needle, Nature, 486 (2012), pp. 276-279.

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