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Project Application

You may contact us via < >

For effective support and data documentation you need to fill in the requested information and send us the project application form

Assay Setup

You may visit the Screening Unit, where we can help you in assay transfer to the 384well format and test your assay set up together for HTS usage. You will then be able to update the project application form with the revised protocol. Afterwards the materials for your next visit and primary screen plus validation are calculated.

Primary Screen

We perform the primary screen together with one person from your team, the data are documented and analyzed automatically. You receive the raw data, statistic analysis, and statistics-based hit lists containing also structural data.

Review of hit lists

If desired, you may revise the hit lists. You send us a list of 352 compounds via e-mail.

Cherry picking

We provide you with a 384-well plate containing your requested 352 hits, (4 µl 5mM compound in DMSO).

Quality control of 352 hit compounds via LC-MS Analysis

A small aliquot (0.2 µl) of your hit picking plate is taken and diluted in ACN/H2O for the LC-MS analysis. We analyze the samples in ACN/H2O (1:1, 25 µM) with our Agilent TOF mass spectrometer and determine the purity via UV absorption at 254 nm.

IC50 validation

IC50 validation (using nine serial dilutions of the compounds in duplicate) is carried out by us, the data are analyzed automatically. You receive for a maximum of 352 "hit" compounds IC50 reports containing MS analysis data, frequent hitter information, data from biophysical and cytotox profiling. To our experience less then 10% of the compounds from the hit list of 352 can be expected to be true hits.

Review of IC50 data

Our chemists revise with you the list of validated compounds and suggest proposals, which compounds might be selected for further characterization and optimization of leads.

Please bear in mind that all steps need only to be performed once per project!

The Screening Unit can assist your project with know-how gained from about 170 previous screens. But the data documentation, analysis and follow up studies are in the responsibility of the PI of the project.

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